I'm Joaquim Gamero

👽 I'm a full-stack developer

I like building stuff, specially with JavaScript and C#. I like data visualization, like this 3D perlin noise terrain generator you can see on the left.

You can view here my résumé.

I've been working on tech companies as a developer for almost three years now. This time has yielded a diverse skillset that touches almost everything in the DevOps cycle. Here's a partial list:

C# .NET Core Angular JavaScript Deployment automation Source control (Git) Cloud platforms (Azure) Continuous testing

Personal projects

Pathfinding visualizer
A fun, 100% desktop oriented pathfinding algorithms visualizer and playground, built on Angular 9. You can see different algorithms (Dijsktra, A*...) in action and observe the differences between them under two dimensional, customizable maps.

To get in touch write to joaquimgamero@proton.me, or click the icons below.